The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holiday season is right around the corner. This means parties, time with loved ones, and, of course, gift-giving. Some of us are just naturally great gift-givers. They somehow come up with the perfect, thoughtful gift for each person on their list. They knock it out of the park every time. However, for most of us, buying gifts falls somewhere between slightly stressful to fully panic-inducing. If you are not a master gift-giver (or even if you are) here is a practical holiday gift guide that will help you get something for everyone on your list that you know they will love and, more importantly, use a lot!

Gifts for Women


Chances are you have bought people clothes for the holidays at some point. Pajamas are an even better gift, though, for that special woman in your life. A nice set of pajamas is something that many people will not buy for themselves, which makes it a nice gift. Also, you can buy pajamas that reflect the receiver’s personality and your relationship. Get them a pair that is comfy, fun, or even sexy. PJ’s are versatile and will always be appreciated.

Birthstone Jewelry

Jewelry is a tried and true gift that most women will always love because of how beautiful it is. This holiday season, take your jewelry gifts up a notch by making it meaningful, too, incorporating birthstones into the jewelry will show you have gone the extra mile and customized the jewelry just for her. You can put her birthstone in the jewelry and anyone else special in their life, such as parents, siblings, partners, or children. It will take the gift of jewelry from just gorgeous to very special.

Skincare Products

Another practical and thoughtful gift for the women in your life is the gift of beautiful skin. Giving a product like a Facial Massage Oil will not only achieve beautiful aesthetic results but also allows a woman to experience some all-natural luxury at the end of the day and have her own peaceful moment of Zen. You want to make sure that what you give is natural and free of harsh and harmful chemicals so it really shows you care just as much as them about how they take care of themselves.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

In 2019, people are starting to put just as much emphasis on taking care of their mental health as they do their physical health. An aromatherapy diffuser can help the women on your list get the much-needed rest and relaxation they deserve. You can find different scents to help in almost any area a person may struggle with. You can include some lavender essential oils to promote relaxation and better sleep, vanilla for stress relief, or citrus for better mood and energy.

Gifts for Men

Personal Care/ Grooming Products

One thing guys usually do not buy for themselves is grooming products. Stuff to take care of their skin, hair, or beards are all things that guys love to get as a gift because they do not think to buy it for themselves. You can find individual products like beard oil or a shaving bar, or get them a whole skincare kit so they can pamper themselves and keep their appearance on point, their skin and hair healthy and everything looking and smelling good. Just like with any skincare products, make sure you are getting high-quality products with premium, natural ingredients that are made without harmful chemicals.

Subscription Boxes

It can be difficult to find a wide range of products that guys like on your own. Luckily, there is a wide range of subscription boxes available in a variety of niches that are curated specifically for different interests. You can subscribe to all kinds of boxes that will arrive monthly and will expose the men in your life to all types of new products that they will like. There are clothing boxes, boxes of BBQ products, hot sauces, whiskeys, beers, even a monthly box of craft bacon! No matter what your guy is interested in, you can find a monthly subscription box that will be a fun surprise for him well into the new year.

Wireless [Fill in the Blank]

Guys are almost always into the latest gadgets and most of the latest technology today is now wireless and Bluetooth compatible. You can get a great set of noise-canceling wireless headphones, the latest pair of wireless speakers, or even wearable tech, such as smartwatches or clothing with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, like sweatshirts or hats. No matter what the man on your list is interested in, the gift of wireless tech will help them workout, relax, or start the party with the most technologically advanced gadget and be the envy of all their friends.

Gifts for Teens

Charging Station

Chances are, the teenager in your life has multiple personal electronic devices. A personal charging station with ports for multiple devices and different types of storage is a great gift for your always-connected teen. The added bonus of this is that, not only will it help them stay powered up and organized, but it will also cut down on common adult/teen issues such as, “who stole my charger?”, and “why is your room such a mess?”

Cooking Equipment

As your teen shifts from childhood to becoming an adult, you want to give them as many skills as possible that will help them succeed in the world when they leave the house. One skill that will never go out of style is the ability to cook. Even in the age of Seamless and UberEats, being able to cook a meal for yourself, and your friends or potential partner will always be a valuable skill to have. To set a teen up for culinary success, they need the right tools. Getting them a cast iron pan, a real chef’s knife, or a simple, youth-focused cookbook will go a long way to making them proficient in the kitchen for years to come.

A Designer Backpack

No longer just for school books, backpacks are part fashion item, part utility bag for the youth of today. Spending a little money to get your teen a cool, fashionable, and useful backpack makes for a great gift. Do a little research, both online and with their friends and peers, to find out about the brands and styles they will connect with most and you will be able to get them the perfect complement to any outfit or trip.

Reusable Water Bottle

Teens today are healthier and more eco-friendly than young people of the past. This is why a reusable water bottle is such a great gift for them. It cuts down on single-use plastic bottles, which is good for the earth and helps them drink more water (or their favorite bubble tea, or organic juice drink). There are all sorts of sizes, brands, and styles you can find, so no matter what your teen is into, you can find them the perfect water bottle to fit their tastes.

Gifts for Children

Tickets to a Show

Kids become used to getting so many presents from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and adult friends when they are young that they can start to take material gifts for granted. Giving them the gift of an experience is different, memorable, and will teach them to appreciate these experiences as much, if not more, than the traditional toys and games. Depending on where you live, there are many child-themed shows that could be perfect for your young one. There is Sesame Street Live and a Paw Patrol show that is currently touring the country. You can also check out Kidz Bop, a pop group with kid members that sings kid-friendly, Top 40 cover songs. They make for a great first concert.

Quick Connect Bikes

Today’s kids can be so connected to technology that they start to become addicted to it. When this happens, physical activities start to fall by the wayside and their long-term health can start to suffer. A bike is always a great gift that will get kids outside and encourage physical activity. Today, there are “Quick Connect” bikes that easily snap together so you do not have to live all the horror stories you have heard about late nights and long hours assembling bicycles the night before a holiday.

Board Games

Another great gift in the “Age of the iPad” is an old-fashioned board game. However, just because the format goes back decades does not mean that the games do. You can always go for a traditional game of Life or Candyland but there are also loads of new games based on TV shows, movies, superheroes, princesses, or whatever the child in your life is into at the moment. These are hours of fun and will teach kids the value of competition, fun, and being a good sport.


These traditional toys are experiencing a boom in popularity, once again, thanks to the ultra-successful LEGO movies. And, just like years ago, they are fun, challenging and help develop motor skills and creativity while you use them. They have come a long way, too, since the time they were just a big bag of brightly colored blocks. You can get sets for any interest and find huge kits that parents, kids, and the whole family can build and enjoy together.

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