Better Way to Shave

I got the Adam shave bar as a gift and liked the smell and how my skin feels after using it. Smooth shave. It also works for washing my face!

~ David K.

Easy Gifting

It was easy gifting and saved me time, too, because I didn’t need to wrap it. It was sent to him luxuriously packaged.

~ Lori B.

Date Night Surprise

I surprised my husband with a few Edenkist products… He loved the smell of the soaps and can’t wait to use the shaving product.

~ Cindy L.

Problem Solved! How to Find Perfectly Awesome Gifts for Men

Perfectly Awesome Gifts for Men
When we think about things in life that are really hard, a few thoughts come to mind, like… Brain surgery. That’s gotta be pretty hard. World peace. No one’s figured that one out yet. And finding really good gifts for men. Hardest thing ever, right? Now, if your guy’s athletic, maybe you’re thinking of going…

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Every Man Needs These Important Skincare Products Now

Every Man Needs These Important Skincare Products Now
Great skincare products aren’t just for women anymore. Not only is healthy skin attractive and a great confidence-booster, but studies have shown that men who take care of their skin have a reduced risk of developing skin cancer. While men and women’s skin has some similarities, there are some differences. For example, men’s hormones make…

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What You Need to Know About The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

If you’ve spent any time reading beauty blogs or binge-watching skincare tutorial videos, then you’ve probably heard of the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine, also known as K-beauty or Korean skincare. It took the United States beauty and skincare world by storm around the year 2011, and the Korean influence on skincare products has remained ever…

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